Paul Okade Walsall Conman

paul okade

A professional conman who has deceived many of my clients making out to believe he is working in the financial sector under various made up companies.

Mr Anthony Paul Okade is known for his fraudulent activities,  despite not operating from any permanent business address he is constantly on the move from one city to another operating primarily from virtual pop up offices which are untraceable.  This man will promise to deliver but unfortunately will take your money and not return. he has a track record of bogus companies which he has previously opened under various residential / commercial addresses across numerous towns and cities.

Please be careful when dealing with this man and ensure no money is exchanged as like many of my clients you shall be a victim of fraud, your hard earnt money will be taken from you and you will not be able to track down this man.

This blog has been produced to inform the general public of Mr Okade’s previous fraudulent activities and for any potential clients wishing to pursue any kind of agreement with Mr Anothony Paul Okade.


Please be careful when giving your hard earn’t money away to this man


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